I4GovCon 21 - So you want to be a federal contractor?

May 1, 2016

Many small businesses desire to be a federal contractor. Jenny walks you through the process and challenges.

She answers the questions:
What do I need to know to get started as a Federal Contractor?
Do I just go and meet with prime contractors?
Where do I go to find the basics?
Should I consider being certified as a Veteran Owned Small Business?
Do I need to get a Trifold?
How do I keep it all organized?
How do I find out what agencies are buying my services and where?
There is so much activity out there how do I narrow it down?
If I have a military background, should I just be looking at Department of Defense Contracts?
What is a GSA Schedule and how do I get one?
How do I get a large contract like SeaPortE or AMCOM Express?
And more!

For more information and answers to your questions got to www.solvability.com

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