I4GovCon 12 - Project Transition USA

February 19, 2016

Jenny and Pete interview Nancy Laine, President of Project transition USA.

Project Transition USA is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping transitioning military veterans & their families find meaningful and rewarding civilian careers. Project Transition USA was the first to conduct a LinkedIn Job Search Workshop on a U.S. military base (MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa Florida, Home of U.S. Central Command -- Nov. 16, 2012). They have been conducting free monthly workshops on MacDill ever since, and plan to expand these trainings to every military base in the country.

Nancy tells us about how she has grown Project Transition USA from an idea to a program that is looking to expand nation-wide and help all veterans in their transition. 

We talk about:

Project Transition USA's LinkedIn workshop to help veterans maximize their presence on the largest business networking website as well as how to network.

The Project Transition USA LinkedIn group that provides a large contact network to connect military veterans with fellow transitioning veterans, mentors, and potential employers needing these hard-working and motivated individuals.

The Bring A Hero To Work program and group. Veterans shadow other veterans that have already made a transition and are established at participating businesses.


I4GovCon 11 - 5 Things You NEED To Do To Clean up Your Business’ PC’s Today

February 5, 2016
2016 has come and it's time to clean up our PC's. Regular, everyday use often builds up a bit of wear and tear on our computers, and Pete has put together a fantastic checklist to get them back and up to speed right now. 

The main focus points of your maintenance process are: 

  • Keep Up-to-date on updates and patches.
  • Keep Antivirus software and Spyware up-to-date.
    • Great free antivirus software: Avast, AVG, Super Anti-Spyware
  • Get rid of unused applications and junk files.
    • CC Cleaner is a great free software for this. 
    • Clean out your web browser's cache and cookies.
  • Create regular System-Restore points before downloading new software.
    • Found in, "settings".
  • De-fragment your hard drive.


Text 33444 and type the word PCMAINTENANCE to receive a must-have checklist guide.


I4GovCon 10 - Windows 10 Tech Talk: Should You Upgrade?

January 29, 2016

The Windows 10 upgrade is out and it's free to download for now. Should you get it?

Pete discusses the new features that come along with the Windows 10 upgrade. He teaches us about the benefits to downloading the update, and explains whether or not it is for you. 
We learn about new features such as: 
- Multiple desktops (My favorite new nugget of knowledge)
- Cortana, the Windows version of Siri
- The return of the start menu
- One Drive and it's many business uses
- Cross-device syncing
Pete knows what he's talking about when it comes to any new technology. Your questions are in very capable hands. 
Also, be sure to stop by the I4GovCon Convention site to sign up for our Contracting convention coming up in March!

I4GovCon 9- Mastering Standards Compliances for Contractor Networks

January 19, 2016

The GovCon world is a world of Standards and Compliance's. Is your business covered? 

Each and every contract you receive will have different applicable standards, and so you will need to base your actions off of the specific details of the job. 
Government Standards follow UCTI (Unclassified Controlled Technical Information) standards, which were based originally off of NIST 800-53 (National Institute of Standards). 

NIST 800-53 has been updated to NIST 800-171 in order to simplify the former standards by removing government exclusive standards, and standards that contractors should already have in place such as password protocols. 

It is imperative that GovCon businesses master these compliance standards and set up a system to document their compliance in order to excel in the GovCon industry. 

In addition to the NIST standards, you can reference DFARS 252.204-7012 (or -7023), which a comprehensive list of the different governmental standards you may be required to uphold in your contracting process. 

The basis of these standards cover three major ideals: 

Confidentiality = What are my responsibilities for protecting this information, and what are the potential outcomes of it being leaked? 

Integrity = Control over changes: Knowing what, how, and when information is changed. 

Availability = Knowing when action needs to be taken; whether it be immediately addressed or simply written into a monthly compliance report. 

If you follow the steps Jenny outlines in this episode, and reference the resources she provides; you will be well on your way to mastering the Standards Compliance's in the GovCon process. 

I4GovCon 8 - Business Systems to Help Your Small Business Thrive

January 12, 2016

Small Businesses carry a fairly large burden in attempting to overcome their overhead in the Federal Contracting world. 

Taking a systems based approach will help you tackle this burden with the most efficiency possible. 
There will be 4 major business systems each GovCon business will need in place before they begin submitting proposals for contracting work. 
- An opportunity and proposal tracking software to help track your proposal process. (Start and end date, how to bid, how big the proposal will be, etc.)
     - USAspending.gov
     - fedbizops.gov
- A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to help track your contacts, follow up with them, and be the most effective networker you can be. 
     - Spreadsheet is a good starting point, but ensure you have every metric planned out in advance.
- A Resume Database to track the capabilities of your current employees and of those you would hire on in order to fulfill the proposal. 
- An accounting system
     - Quickbooks
     - DCAA.mil = DCAA compliance guide 
With all of these systems, know that you will want to start small and have an idea of where you will grow into. Save as much investment money as you possibly can as you're starting out, and allow your tools to grow with your company. 

I4GovCon 7 - Creating a Disruption in the GovCon Marketplace

January 7, 2016

Getting your foot in the door as a small business in government contracting isn't the easiest thing in the world; but with the steps Jenny gives us, it's certainly possible. 

The three most important factors in creating a disruption in the GovCon marketplace are: 
- Connect
- Collaborate
- Innovate
Some great, cost-effective opportunities for work in the GovCon marketplace are to look outside the circle of the Federal Sector. Look for R&D, SBIR, and STTR programs, or even joint-ventures with other businesses. These are good because we know that small businesses are often times more flexible and more innovative, and more likely to be selected for the work. 
The key to all of these opportunities are relationships. Building personal and team connections in this industry takes time, but more than pays for itself. 

I4GovCon 6 - Virtual Reality is Coming; Embrace it Now

December 22, 2015

Virtual Reality is an up and coming technology. It is used in military training and classrooms already; and if small businesses don't jump on board now, they'll be left behind. 

In this episode, you will learn: 
- The importance of the growing STEM field, and parenting the next generation of humanity to create a future undreamed of. 
- An inside look into the growing virtual reality industry, and how to take advantage of its novelty to turn to growth. 
- How to get past the hurdle of needing experience to get a new job, but needing a job to get that experience. 
- The 5 steps to take in order to create your own personal brand. 
Be sure to check out the I4GovCon Conference coming in March!

I4GovCon 5 - Growth Strategies On LinkedIn

December 15, 2015

Grow Business Exponentially using LinkedIn. 

You will learn about: 
- Using the filters in the search function to find similar businesses and opportunities in a regional basis. 
- Posting Videos to your profile page to teach people more about yourself. 
- Optimizing your networking skills
- Following up with customers and potential contacts to increase rapport

I4GovCon 4 - Solvability (What we Do and What it Affects)

December 7, 2015

Jenny tells us about the contracting world around the I4 corridor, and gives us insider information about great opportunities to break into. 

You will learn: 
- About the many government agencies around the I4 corridor
- What the Solvability team does, and how they've specialized in the Contracting industry
- How to network in the I4 region
- The different aspects of Federal Contracting
- The upcoming I4GovCon Convention

I4GovCon 3 - How to Create a Federal Contracting Business

December 4, 2015
Jenny and Pete cover the steps it takes to create a Federal Contracting Business. 

You will learn about how to:

- Register your business with the Federal Government using SAMS (System for Awards Management)
- Establish your business with the Dun & Bradstreet credit building company
- Build your Social Media presence and the effectiveness of each Social Media system

And lastly, remember to always remain patient as the Company building process takes time.