I4GovCon 14 -Learn about the i4GovCon Summit

March 11, 2016

If you are interested in learning about the i4 GovCon community and want to meet others with like minded goals about networking and moving business forward more efficiently the i4GovCon Summit coming up on March 24th in Tampa is the place to be.

This episode goes into some of the detail about the i4GovCon Summit and building a community across the state of Florida. Jenny shares the goals and some of the key topics for the summit. 

  • What companies are out there and what they are doing to re-energize Florida
  • The benefits that come out of groups networking and coming together at the summit
  • How the students of Florida colleges and universities play a big part of this  
  • How to keep the i4GovCon community moving forward after the summit

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