I4GovCon 7 - Creating a Disruption in the GovCon Marketplace

January 7, 2016

Getting your foot in the door as a small business in government contracting isn't the easiest thing in the world; but with the steps Jenny gives us, it's certainly possible. 

The three most important factors in creating a disruption in the GovCon marketplace are: 
- Connect
- Collaborate
- Innovate
Some great, cost-effective opportunities for work in the GovCon marketplace are to look outside the circle of the Federal Sector. Look for R&D, SBIR, and STTR programs, or even joint-ventures with other businesses. These are good because we know that small businesses are often times more flexible and more innovative, and more likely to be selected for the work. 
The key to all of these opportunities are relationships. Building personal and team connections in this industry takes time, but more than pays for itself. 

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