I4GovCon 6 - Virtual Reality is Coming; Embrace it Now

December 22, 2015

Virtual Reality is an up and coming technology. It is used in military training and classrooms already; and if small businesses don't jump on board now, they'll be left behind. 

In this episode, you will learn: 
- The importance of the growing STEM field, and parenting the next generation of humanity to create a future undreamed of. 
- An inside look into the growing virtual reality industry, and how to take advantage of its novelty to turn to growth. 
- How to get past the hurdle of needing experience to get a new job, but needing a job to get that experience. 
- The 5 steps to take in order to create your own personal brand. 
Be sure to check out the I4GovCon Conference coming in March!

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