I4GovCon 11 - 5 Things You NEED To Do To Clean up Your Business’ PC’s Today

February 5, 2016
2016 has come and it's time to clean up our PC's. Regular, everyday use often builds up a bit of wear and tear on our computers, and Pete has put together a fantastic checklist to get them back and up to speed right now. 

The main focus points of your maintenance process are: 

  • Keep Up-to-date on updates and patches.
  • Keep Antivirus software and Spyware up-to-date.
    • Great free antivirus software: Avast, AVG, Super Anti-Spyware
  • Get rid of unused applications and junk files.
    • CC Cleaner is a great free software for this. 
    • Clean out your web browser's cache and cookies.
  • Create regular System-Restore points before downloading new software.
    • Found in, "settings".
  • De-fragment your hard drive.


Text 33444 and type the word PCMAINTENANCE to receive a must-have checklist guide.


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